Friday, April 25, 2014

Naydia B

Sweet sweet Naydia

To My Family 
It seems like only yesterday,
When you brought me home,
The years that I’ve been living here,
Have absolutely flown.
There were times I was a stinker,
I’d run and bark and dig.
Sometimes I’d roll in—you know,
And act just like a pig.
I loved my toys and playing ball,
And running in the yard.
The most important job I had,
Was barking while on guard.
For in my home are those I loved,
I’d die to keep them safe.
I’ve grown old, my health is bad,
It’s hard to walk and stand.
It’s time to go—you understand,
My life’s no longer grand.
Please think of me with loving thoughts,
And wipe away your tears.
For God in all His wisdom,
Has counted out my years.
Be assured you’ve done the right thing,
You’ve ended all my pain.
Your heart will hurt for just a while,
Then learn to love again.
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